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When Marketing Goals Collide with Regulatory and Judicial Reality…

In a recent article titled “8 reasons why you shouldn’t lie about ‘natural’ on your label,” New Hope 360 presented multiple examples of recent lawsuits and regulatory action taken against companies with food products that made questionable claims on their labels. This gallery highlights the issues that can arise when marketing goals collide with regulatory and judicial reality. Many of the claims used on food labeling lack legal definitions, or are  subject to “proposed rules” that have been languishing in regulatory limbo for years (e.g., “gluten-free,” “non-GMO,” “trans fat free,” refrigeration statements).  Registrar Corp assists clients in navigating the tangled web of FDA regulatory compliance.  Our label review service provides detailed analysis of product labeling to identify claims that are problematic and ensure that it incorporates the numerous regulations that govern the format and content of food labels.

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