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Your request was successfully submitted. Registrar Corp will register your facility with FDA and provide you a 2019 Certificate of Registration issued by Registrar Corp.

Companies similar to yours use Registrar Corp to help with:

  • FDA Compliance Monitor

    FDA requires registered food facilities to monitor their suppliers' FDA compliance statuses. During an inspection, an FDA inspector may require documentation proving you are monitoring your suppliers.

    Registrar Corp's FDA Compliance Monitor simplifies compliance with monitoring requirements by:

    • Aggregating FDA data in a compact dashboard
    • Issuing monthly reports of suppliers' FDA compliance
    • Providing immediate email alerts whenever the published compliance status of a supplier changes

    FDA FCE-SID Filings

    Processors of acidified or low-acid foods may be subject to additional FDA food canning establishment (FCE) registration and process filing (SID) requirements.

    Registrar Corp helps you comply with FCE-SID requirements by:

    • Managing your FDA food canning establishment registration
    • Filing your SIDs with FDA
    • Providing a FCE-SID Certificate issued by Registrar Corp to confirm compliance to prospective buyers

    FDA Color Batch Certifcation

    Many color additives require FDA approval through “batch certification.” During this process, manufacturers must send FDA a representative sample of a color additive along with certain documentation.

    Registrar Corp assists with color batch certification by:

    • Reviewing numerous aspects of your color additive for FDA compliance
    • Filing your color batch certifications with FDA

    HACCP Plans

    FDA requires processors of juice or seafood to develop and implement written Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) Plans.

    Registrar Corp’s Food Safety Specialists help you:

    • Develop a new HACCP Plan for your facility
    • or
    • Review your current plan for FDA compliance

    Dietary Supplement MMRs

    FDA requires dietary supplement manufacturers to prepare and follow written Master Manufacturing Records (MMRs) for each unique formulation and batch size of dietary supplements they manufacture.

    Registrar Corp’s Regulatory Specialists can review your MMR for FDA compliance.

    Labeling and Ingredient Review

    FDA has finalized significant changes to food labeling. Most food businesses have until January 2020 to comply with updated labeling requirements.

    Registrar Corp can review your labeling for compliance with FDA’s new labeling rules. Registrar Corp provides:

    • A detailed report of recommended changes to bring your label into compliance
    • A print-ready, graphic file of your label incorporating Registrar Corp’s revisions

    FDA HARPC Food Safety Plans

    FDA requires most types of FDA-registered food facilities to implement written hazard analysis and risk-based preventive controls (HARPC) plans

    Registrar Corp’s Qualified Individuals help you:

    • Develop a new HARPC Food Safety Plan for your facility
    • or
    • Review your current plan for FDA compliance

    Mock FDA Inspection

    When you register with FDA, you consent to an FDA food facility inspection.

    Registrar Corp can dispatch a Food Safety Specialist to conduct a Mock FDA inspection of your facility to:

    • Identify and explain potential food safety issues in your facility’s daily operations
    • Educate staff on FDA expectations

    Clients receive a discounted rate