Nathel & Nathel Inc. is a family-owned wholesaler based in New York City that sources fresh produce from growers worldwide and delivers them to the tri-state area. 


Limited resources for Nathel & Nathel to identify and respond to suppliers’ FDA Import Alert

U.S. wholesale importer Nathel & Nathel received a sudden FDA Import Alert for one of their suppliers. Because they had been managing their 100+ suppliers manually, they faced potential FSVP non-compliance and multiple other issues, including: 

  • Cost of failure: Nathel & Nathel would have to throw out palettes of inventory if they accepted a noncompliant shipment and would risk forgoing sales while they looked for alternate inventory.
  • Cost of noncompliance: They estimated that it would take about 25 hours to manually research all of their 100+ suppliers on the FDA website to see if they had import alerts.
  • Time taken from growing the business: Their customers could lose trust in Nathel & Nathel’s ability to import safe products and thus impact future sales.
Photo of wholesaler Nathel & Nathel warehouse with workers moving product
Screenshot of Registrar Corp's ComplyHub Monitor Suppliers interface in a desktop for client case study


Maintaining FSVP compliance with ComplyHub’s Monitor Suppliers and RegiScore features

ComplyHub has helped Nathel & Nathel: 

  • Automate FSVP compliance: Nathel & Nathel now checks the Monitor Suppliers tool daily instead of having to search the FDA website and log importer compliance alerts manually  — a time consuming task. 
  • React quickly to FDA Import Alerts: While checking the RegiScore dashboard, they were alerted to an FDA import refusal on one of their suppliers. The Nathel & Nathel team immediately called and refused the order from their supplier. 
  • Effectively manage large supplier base: This allows the company to feel confident in their suppliers and seek other sources of inventory without forgoing sales. They now review their RegiScore daily to evaluate current and new suppliers so their customers receive FDA-compliant products. 





Worldwide suppliers’ FSVP compliance managed successfully



Hours a month freed up using Monitor Supplier to view alerts for 100+ suppliers



In non-compliance fines and fees avoided

Automate FSVP Compliance
with ComplyHub

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