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Registrar Corp’s Food Safety Clarification in Barbados Advocate’s Business Monday

In the latest Issue of Barbados Advocate’s Business Monday, Registrar Corp clarifies a point made in a previous issue of the online periodical by a local food safety consultant. Registrar Corp explains that although FDA may put an entire industry in a particular country on a “red list” requiring inspection of their food before it may enter the US, usually such an action would be taken only after inspections of numerous facilities. The “red list” firms are subject to what is called “Detention Without Physical Examination,” formerly known as “automatic detention.”

Registrar Corp’s Regulatory specialists take time to thoroughly read and understand new FDA regulations. Registrar Corp knows the complex requirements of getting on a “green list” allowing exemption from the Import Alert and can help you comply.

Read more on page 15 of: http://www.barbadosadvocate.com/businessmonday/default.asp

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