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Registrar Corp Launches FCE Wizard and SID Verifier to Assist with FDA Requirements for Food Canning Establishment

On February 14, Registrar Corp, a U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) consulting firm, launched two free tools to assist food facilities in complying with FDA requirements for Low-Acid Canned and Acidified Foods.

Most facilities that manufacture, process, pack, or store food intended for consumption in the United States are required to register with U.S. FDA as food facilities. Food facilities that produce certain shelf-stable, hermetically-sealed low-acid canned or acidified foods must also obtain a Food Canning Establishment (FCE) registration.  FDA requires FCE manufacturers to file documentation for each process used in the production of Low-Acid Canned and Acidified Foods and assigns unique “Submission Identifiers” (SIDs) to each of these “Process Filings.” Common examples of foods subject to FDA’s FCE and SID requirements include canned tuna, canned roasted red peppers, and coconut water.

Registrar Corp’s FCE Wizard allows users to identify whether their products are subject to these FDA FCE and SID regulations. Users simply answer a few questions, and the FCE Wizard generates a free report indicating possible requirements for each of the facility’s products based on factors such as pH, water activity, and ingredients.

For individuals aware that their products are subject to FCE-SID requirements but uncertain if a particular SID remains valid, Registrar Corp has developed the SID Verifier.  Registrar Corp’s SID Verifier allows users to verify whether SIDs are currently on file in FDA’s database.  Manufacturers, importers, and customs brokers filing entries of Low-Acid Canned and Acidified Foods will find this tool especially helpful, as valid SIDs must be submitted as “Affirmation of Compliance Codes” (AofC) when importing these products into the United States.  Verifying SIDs before filing can help avoid time-consuming detentions and entry errors that may lead to low filer evaluations.

Registrar Corp’s team of FCE specialists provides assistance with the FCE registration process and offers guidance as to required elements, formats, and particularities of SID submissions.  For further assistance with FDA FCE and SID requirements, contact Registrar Corp at +1-757-224-0177 or chat with a Regulatory Advisor 24-hours a day at www.registrarcorp.com/livehelp.

To use Registrar Corp’s FCE Wizard, click here.
To use Registrar Corp’s SID Verifier, click here.

This blog was originally published as a press release.