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Registrar Corp Debuts Version 2.0 of FSMA Compliance Tool, the FDA Compliance Monitor

FDA FSMA Compliance Monitoring

Registrar Corp’s FDA Compliance Monitor, the food industry’s leading FSMA compliance tool, has been upgraded.  The new simplified layout and optimized backend drive user efficiency, making compliance with FDA’s supplier monitoring requirements easier than ever.

On the front end, users now see a series of compact rows that display an overview of supplier compliance; these rows can be further expanded to review detailed company data for each supplier.  Best of all, the system is more than 10x faster than before.

The new features are immediately available to all users at no additional cost.  Want to experience the new Monitor for yourself?  Join our free webinar walkthrough or schedule a 1-on-1 demo today.


What’s Next for the Monitor?

The recent redesign lays the foundation for additional features that will further automate compliance as well as increase user productivity.  The next set of rollouts will include:

  • Validation of FDA Registration Numbers
  • A repository for requesting and storing HACCP and HARPC Food Safety Plans as well as other documentation for supplier compliance
  • Enterprise integration capabilities

“We are constantly exploring ways to innovate the Monitor,” says Brendon Sampson, Manager of Registrar Corp’s FDA Compliance Monitor Department.  “User feedback is integral to delivering actionable and practical features.  We anticipate significant growth in implementing future developments.”


About the Monitor

Registrar Corp developed the FDA Compliance Monitor to assist companies with supply-chain monitoring requirements under the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Preventive Controls and Foreign Supplier Verification Program (FSVP) rules.  The Monitor aggregates and supplements data from five FDA databases to supply comprehensive, up-to-date compliance reports on all FDA-regulated companies.  To verify and document suppliers’ FDA compliance, businesses can easily monitor their suppliers for:

  • FDA Inspection Classifications
  • Warning Letters
  • Import Alerts
  • Import Refusals
  • Recalls

In addition to monthly compliance reports, the Monitor automatically sends users email alerts whenever the published FDA compliance status of a supplier changes.

To learn more about how Registrar Corp’s FDA Compliance Monitor can help simplify compliance with FDA monitoring requirements, join our free webinar walkthrough on January 23.  Alternatively, you can schedule a demo or call us at +1-757-224-0177.