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Registrar Corp Malaysia

(Serving Malaysia, Brunei, Indonesia, the Maldives, Myanmar, the Philippines, and Singapore) 

Suite 32-01-63, 32nd Floor
Menara Keck Seng
203 Jalan Bukit Bintang
55100 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: (+60) 03-2116-5796
Fax: (+60) 03-2116-5797
Mobile: (+60) 122-919255
Email: [email protected]

Languages spoken at this office: Malay and English

About Registrar Corp Malaysia

The U.S. is Malaysia’s 4th largest trading partner. In 2013, optic and medical devices were Malaysia’s 3rd largest category of products imported into the U.S. Registrar Corp’s Malaysia office helps medical device companies, as well as with food, drug, and cosmetic companies, navigate FDA regulations.

The Registrar Corp Malaysia team works with the main U.S. office to assist clients, and host seminars and other events. Registrar Corp’s Malaysia office is managed by Ms. Chitra Ananda.