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Registrar Corp Japan

RM503, 21-12, Yoyogi 5-Chome
Shibuya-Ku, Tokyo 151-0053
Phone: (+81) 03-3481-1865
Mobile: (+81) 090-3963-3847
Fax: (+81) 03-3481-1988
Email: [email protected]

Languages spoken at this office: Japanese and English

About Registrar Corp Japan

Japan was the fourth largest exporter of goods into the United States In 2013. Optical and medical instruments were one of Japan’s largest export categories, and agricultural exports from Japan totaled 572 million U.S. dollars. Both of these products, along with drugs, cosmetics, and other food and beverage products, are regulated by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Registrar Corp provides compliance services for manufacturers, exporters, and importers regulated by FDA.

Founded in 2003, Registrar Corp has expanded to 18 offices worldwide. The firm is made up of over 100 people, with 70 staff based in the U.S., including former FDA officials, scientists, and Regulatory Specialists. Registrar Corp’s FDA regulation services are offered on a fixed-fee basis.