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Registrar Corp India (Kurnool)

(Serving India, Sri Lanka, and the UAE) 

Sankal Bagh, N.R.Pet
Kurnool, Andhra Pradesh
India 518002
Phone: (+91) 8518-223624
Fax: (+91) 8518-223625
Mobile: (+91) 94403-62624
Email: [email protected]

Languages spoken at this office: Hindi, Telugu, and English

About Registrar Corp India (Kurnool)

In 2013, India was the 10th largest supplier of goods imports to the United States, $4.5 billion of which were pharmaceutical products. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulates drug products, as well as food, beverage, medical device, and cosmetic products, that are offered for import into the United States. Registrar Corp has two offices in India that assist FDA-regulated industries to comply with FDA regulations.

Registrar Corp is an FDA compliance firm with 18 offices worldwide. The firm has helped over 20,000 companies properly register with FDA, modify labeling to meet FDA requirements, fulfill U.S. Agent requirements, and more.