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Lawyers Take On the Food Industry

Noncompliant food labeling could cost food companies millions of dollars. A group of lawyers who previously won lawsuits against the tobacco industry have set their sights on a new target: the food industry. According to a New York Times article, the lawyers are filing suits against large food companies such as ConAgra, PepsiCo, Heinz, Chobani and General Mills, claiming “…that food makers are misleading consumers and violating federal regulations by wrongly labeling products and ingredients.”[1] These lawsuits are primarily aimed at foods that are marketed as “healthy” or “natural,” which do not have federal standards.

Food labels must comply with specific FDA regulations, but complying with FDA label regulations is not as simple as it may seem. FDA labeling regulations are complex.  Some claims used on food labeling lack legal definitions, or are subject to “proposed rules” that have been languishing in regulatory limbo for years (e.g., “gluten-free,” “non-GMO,” refrigeration statements). Navigating this regulatory landscape can present a challenge for food companies.

Food companies whose labels do not comply with FDA regulations or are deemed misleading may not only face an expensive lawsuit, but also shipment detention from FDA. These costs can quickly add up.

Companies may avoid the cost of an expensive lawsuit or of costly detentions by ensuring their product labels comply with FDA regulations. Registrar Corp assists clients in navigating the tangled web of FDA regulatory compliance. Our label review service provides detailed analysis of product labeling to ensure that each label incorporates the numerous regulations that govern the format and content of food labels.

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