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Food Safety Magazine addresses “FSMA’s Hidden Land Mines”

In the latest issue of Food Safety Magazine, Registrar Corp explains the potentially devastating landmines for U.S. Agents buried within the new Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA). In the Authority to Collect Fees, section 107 (a)(1)(A), FSMA requires that the Food and Drug administration collect re-inspection fees from the U.S. Agent, instead of the foreign food facility. FSMA sets the price for re-inspection is at$325 per hour for activities outside the U.S. and $225 per hour for activities in the U.S. This could result in U.S. Agents being billed thousands of dollars. FSMA has completely redefined the role of a U.S. Agent from a minor communication facilitator to a more responsible and liable party. Read more by clicking on this link: http://www.foodsafetymagazine.com/article.asp?id=4369&sub=sub2#Article1

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