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Transition to U.S. FDA's Electronic Reporting System

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Registrar Corp can transition your Radiation-Emitting Electronic Device reporting data to U.S. FDA's electronic reporting system. Simply complete the form below in order for Registrar Corp to act as your Registrant Contact and begin the transition process with U.S. FDA.

To authorize Registrar Corp to help transition your Radiation-Emitting Electronic Device to U.S. FDA's electronic reporting system, you must designate Registrar Corp as your Registrant Contact. Registrar Corp will then be able to:
  • Serve as your U.S. Agent for Service of Process
  • Transition your Radiation-Emitting Electronic Device reporting information to U.S. FDA's electronic reporting system
  • Provide a Radiation-Emitting Electronic Device Certificate of Reporting issued by Registrar Corp
Filing Options: Process Online (Payment by Credit Card Only)
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U.S. FDA Accession Number:
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U.S. FDA Regulations:

U.S. FDA Radiation-Emitting Electronic Device Reporting Requirements: 21 C.F.R. Part 1002.10 et seq.

Registrar Corp assists businesses with U.S. FDA compliance. Certificates of Registration issued by Registrar Corp provide confirmation to industry that you are fulfilling U.S. FDA registration requirements. U.S. FDA does not issue or recognize Certificates of Registration. Registrar Corp is not affiliated with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.
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