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The New Relationship between Food Canning Establishments and the Food Facility Registration Module

When the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) registration system for Acidified/Low Acid Canned Foods became electronically available in July 2012, many companies did not realize the bond that would develop between the Food Canning Establishment (FCE) Registration and the Food Facility Registration.

FDA’s new electronic Acidified Food/Low Acid Canned Food registration system links your FDA FCE registration to the FDA Food Facility Registration (FFR) system established to implement the requirements for facility registration. Specifically, the electronic system for FDA FCE registration in FURLS only becomes available to you if your registration in the FFR system identifies your facility as an Acidified/Low Acid Food Processor.

Facilities that register in the FDA FFR system receive an FFR number and PIN, which will later be used to complete your FDA Acidified Food/Low Acid Canned Food registration (FCE registration). By using this information, the FDA system is able to link both registrations.

Any change to Section 2 of the FDA Food Facility Registration Module (FACILITY NAME/ Address information) will result in a new FDA Food Facility Registration number for your factory; therefore you must make sure that your Food Facility Registration is correct, before starting your FDA Acidified Food/Low Acid Canned Food registration process.

If your facility has already been registered as a Food Canning Establishment in the past (paper system), you will need to make sure that your FDA Food Facility Registration (FFR) information matches exactly the information provided to FDA in the 2541 form for FCE registration. In order to grant you access to the FDA Acidified Food/Low Acid Canned Food electronic registration system, the LACF department will manually check to make sure that the information is consistent.

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