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FCE Service Online Renewal

In order for Registrar Corp to continue to assist with your FCE registration and scheduled process filings (SIDs), you must renew our service for the period of June 1, 2017 to May 31, 2018.

Registrar Corp’s FCE-SID service includes the following:

  • FCE-SID Filings: Registrar Corp provides assistance with the FCE Registration process, guidance accessing U.S. FDA’s online LACF system, and unlimited number of SID submissions
  • FCE-SID Certificates: Certificates issued by Registrar Corp documenting your valid SID listings to assure your customers that your low-acid or acidified food product processes have been properly filed with U.S. FDA
  • Exclusion Certificates: Certificates issued by Registrar Corp documenting the food is excluded from the LACF/AF regulations
  • Detention Assistance: Communication with FDA on your behalf to seek the release of a detained shipment
  • DUNS Assistance: Obtain a DUNS number or update an existing DUNS record
  • FDA Compliance Monitoring: A unique system that continuously monitors your company’s FDA compliance status