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David Lennarz and AMCHAM Vietnam host a seminar on U.S. FDA Import Requirements

Registrar Institute, the educational arm of Registrar Corp, gives more than 10 seminars each year around the world.  Earlier this month, Registrar Corp Vice President David Lennarz hosted an educational seminar for exporters and manufacturers in Vietnam to address U.S. FDA import regulations.  In partnership with the Vietnam office of the American Chamber of Commerce, Mr. Lennarz discussed a range of concerns that companies face when preparing their products for sale in the United States including product labeling, prior notice, U.S. Agent, and facility registration requirements.  Also addressed were the proposed requirements that international companies can anticipate according to the new Food Safety Modernization Act.  Understanding all of these requirements can seem daunting for manufacturers and exporters, and our informational sessions are thorough in clarifying the complicated, technical, and variable regulations.

Below you will find Part I of this seminar entitled How to Meet U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Import Requirements:

For more informational videos from this and other seminars, subscribe to our YouTube channel.  Similarly, if you would like to attend an informational seminar in your region and to have the opportunity to meet with Mr. Lennarz or any of the expert representatives at Registrar Corp, we provide a list of our upcoming sessions. Seminar registration is available at the Registrar Institute website.  Although Registrar Corp provides a complete menu of services to address the various concerns of food, beverage, drug, medical device, and cosmetic industry professionals, the seminars we provide are always instructional and are not given with the intent to promote our services.