What happened to the PAS 220 and PAS 223?

The PAS 220 and 223 documents were originally used along with ISO 22000 to make up the requirements for FSSC 22000 certification. They have both been replaced with ISO Technical Specifications. The PAS documents played an important role in GFSI recognition for an ISO based certification scheme.
The PAS documents contained prerequisite program requirements for a specific industry, facilitating recognition of FSSC 22000 by GFSI that ISO 22000 alone had not been able to obtain.
Once ISO published the requirements as “Technical Specification” (TS), they were benchmarked for FSSC. The PAS documents have been replaced by the Technical Specifications ISO/TS 22002-1 and ISO/TS 22002-4. Some modifications were made to the requirements.
Learn more about the prerequisite programs with convenient online training:
ISO/TS 22002-1 For food processors
ISO/TS 22002-4 For food packaging manufacturers

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