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FDA continues to ramp up its regulations in the food and beverage industry with tighter regulations like food traceability and the recent update to the Food Code. Even California is attempting to push nationwide changes by passing greater legislation that places more controls on foods sold in the state in the hopes it promotes adoption across the U.S.

More than ever, there is a strong and growing need for up-to-date and quality food safety courses.

Registrar Corp’s all new RegiLearn Libraries offer your team high-quality, cost-effective, training modules. Each boasting current food safety courses designed by top industry professionals.

With custom libraries tailored specifically for production, professional, and regulatory teams, RegiLearn courses are uniquely specialized across roles. It’s now easier and cheaper than ever to access content relevant to your specific needs and manage employee food safety training.

Quality Courses for Production Roles

One of the most common FDA violations are from personnel practices. When it comes to your production teams, this is an area you want to really ensure that everyone in direct contact with perishable food, food-contact surfaces, and food-packaging materials are observing current FDA hygiene practices.

RegiLearn offers a full suite of GMP courses for production teams and food handlers, food defense training, and also general sanitation and communication modules.

View the Production Library and see what safety protocols and guidelines your team can learn to prevent contamination during manufacturing and processing.

Top Trainings for Professional Roles

For Food Safety Professionals, RegiLearn hosts a wide selection of content. It deep-dives into HACCP, Hazard Control, and Microbiology standards to ensure food is safely produced according to FDA standards.

Leadership can learn invaluable food handling concepts ranging from Aseptic Sampling and Fermentation to Pathogens, Growth Factors, and HACCP for RTE.

View the Professional Library and discover how to create and implement effective food safety management systems, train employees on food safety protocols and regulations, and continuously monitor and improve food safety practices.

RegiLearn for Regulatory Roles

When it comes to FDA regulation, RegiLearn offers the kind of quality you should expect from leading experts in the industry. This library is a full suite of online training courses for regulatory personnel. It covers everything from the facility registration to package labels and import concerns.

Your regulatory team can focus on and master concepts like Nutrition Fact Labels, Health Claims, and Preparing for and Conducting Recalls.

View the Regulatory Library and learn how to confirm compliance with established food safety regulations through inspections, audits, and investigations.

The RegiLearn Advantage

FDA is tightening food safety regulations making it simple to be in violation and have shipments detained. Created by top food safety specialists, RegiLearn’s quality training can arm your teams with the up-to-date knowledge they need to keep shipments compliant and moving.

Whether you use RegiLearn to easily onboard new employees or to retain your current staff with ongoing training and growth opportunities, you can enhance employees’ skillsets so your entire food safety team is up-to-speed on all things FDA regulatory compliance.

Both your business and your teams deserve a solution tailored to the needs of individual roles. Discover how Registrar Corp’s RegiLearn Libraries equip your food safety teams at a price point you’ll love.

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