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Registrar Corp provides Registration, U.S. Agent, and Compliance Assistance for U.S. and Non-U.S. Companies in the Food and Beverage, Medical Device, Drug, and Cosmetics Industries.

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Useful Readings

  • Avoid food labeling violations with FDA registrar

    Food product labeling has significant implications for consumer protection & product promotion. We provide compliance assistance for US food packaging labels. Also log on for FDA registration for food, medical equipments & cosmetics.

  • Registrar Corp - Helping Companies comply with registration procedures

    Registrar Corp helps companies to comply with US FDA medical device establishment registration & US FDA medical device listings. It offers help in getting required FDA registration of medical equipments & tools for all US & Non-US Companies.

  • FDA Consulting assistance with FDA Regulations, FDA Compliance and FDA Validation

    FDA compliance made quick & easy! We provide FDA consulting assistance for FDA's Quality Systems Regulation(QSR), FDA law, & FDA validation for US & Non-US Companies in the food & beverage, medical equipment, & cosmetics Industries.

  • 100 years of FDA

    Looking for information on Food And Drug Administration (FDA) & its laws? Then log on to We also provides FDA compliance assistance for FDA registration for USA & Non-US companies in the food, medical tools, & cosmetics industries.

  • The United States Food and Drug Administration and NAFTA

    Our website provides you detail information on United States Food And Drug Administration and its laws & standards, we also provides FDA Compliance consulting for FDA registration of food, medical devices & cosmetic products. Contact us for more info!

  • International Coordination of Food Safety Regulations

    Registrar Corp helps companies comply with the U.S. food safety laws & guidelines. Our consultants assists U.S. & non-U.S. companies with the completion of FDA regulations in the food & beverage, medical device & cosmetics industries.

  • FDA Approved Products

    We provide professional & expert compliance assistance in FDA Approval Process. Contact us for FDA approval of medical equipments, drugs, cosmetic products & food licenses. For more information on prior notice for food import & FDA approvals visit us.

  • FDA Registration of Food Facilities

    Registrar Corp registers your domestic or foreign facility with the FDA & gives you the mandatory FDA Establishment Registration Number. It serves as your mandatory US Agent required for foreign facilities to get you the FDA Certification.

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