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Registrar Corp USA

144 Research Drive
Hampton, Virginia 23666
Phone: +1-757-224-0177
Fax: +1-757-224-0179

About Registrar Corp U.S. Office in Hampton, VA

In 2003 Registrar Corp opened its regulatory services firm in Hampton, Virginia to help businesses with U.S. FDA regulatory compliance.

Import and export industry professionals understand that there are many complex regulations monitoring all food, drugs and medical devices brought into the United States to be sold. As these regulations are updated over time, it becomes harder to know precisely what all those rules are and how to confirm products and facilities are in compliance. Shipments detained at the border due to non-compliance can cost precious time and loss of revenue. When this happens, business owners need help fast.

Staffed by multi-lingual professionals with backgrounds in science, industry and government, our Hampton-based company has served as a reliable consulting resource for businesses both within the United States and abroad for over 10 years, and grown to 18 international branch offices.

Clients include large multi-nationals, as well as small family-owned businesses in the U.S. and more than 160 countries around the world. The Hampton headquarters supports 10 different languages to make communications with its more than 20,000 clients in the food and beverage, drug, medical devices, cosmetic and radiation-emitting electronic device industries comfortable and easy.

Registrar Corp's International Locations:
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    Registrar Corp assists businesses with U.S. FDA compliance. Certificates of Registration issued by Registrar Corp provide confirmation to industry that you are fulfilling U.S. FDA registration requirements. U.S. FDA does not issue or recognize Certificates of Registration. Registrar Corp is not affiliated with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

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