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FDA Approved Products

FDA's registration process for the products it regulates is as varied as the products themselves. The FDA enforces laws dictating these differences and the relative risks products pose to consumers. FDA aims to provide 'safe and effective' products to consumers. From product testing to label scrutiny, FDA tests almost every aspect of food and drugs to ensure 'safe and effective' use.

The FDA regulates even the most ordinary products. The label on juice consumed for breakfast, the cosmetics applied daily to the face, and the OTC pain relief medicine taken for afflictions are all approved by the FDA. The FDA approval of goods ensures that the consumer is not being subjected to deceptive ingredients on product labels. The FDA registration process makes sure only tested materials are used in the production of goods, be it drugs, cosmetics, medical devices, or food items.

The goal of the FDA is to ensure consumer's safety and satisfaction with everyday food and drugs. However, the FDA follows a strict mission, tracking the following four roles according to the Food and Drug Modernization Act:

  • To promote health by reviewing research and approving new products.
  • To ensure that foods and drugs are safe and properly labeled.
  • To work with other nations to 'reduce the burden of regulation'.
  • To cooperate with experts and consumers to effectively carry out these obligations.

Companies must have food licenses before they sell food products in the US market. Products such as new drugs and complex medical devices must be proven safe and effective before they can be FDA approved. Furthermore, FDA approves new food additives (a food license per se) before they can be used in food production. Other products such as X-ray machines and microwave ovens must measure up to performance standards, while still other products such as cosmetics and dietary supplements can generally be marketed without prior FDA registration.

At the core of FDA registration for medical products is the question of whether a new product's benefits outweighs its risk. No regulated product is totally risk-free, so these judgments are important.

Expert Guidance and Easy Procedures

We undertake the FDA Registration process and U.S. Agent and compliance assistance for companies working in food & beverage, cosmetic and medical device and OTC drug sectors. Providing professional and expert assistance, Registrar Corp makes the entire FDA registration process quick and easy through its three-step procedure. Also, with a worldwide network of offices, Registrar Corp takes extreme caution and care in compliance procedures with companies around the world.

The rising awareness of customers has made FDA a symbol of reliance and trust. Every product that comes into the market with FDA registration is bound to be trusted. FDA registrations thus become important for all the food and drugs companies. In short, the FDA registration process ensures that product ingredients are safe for use and that labels show actual ingredients without making false claims. To ensure such standards, products undergo strict testing under a set of rules and regulations. Registration from FDA is not only beneficial for the consumers, but also imperative for manufacturers before their products enter the market.

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