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Assistance with U.S. FDA Regulations

Registrar Corp provides Registration, U.S. Agent, and Compliance Assistance for U.S. and Non-U.S. Companies in the Food and Beverage, Medical Device, Drug, and Cosmetics Industries.

Registrar Corp assists businesses with U.S. FDA compliance. Registrar Corp is not affiliated with the U.S. FDA.
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U.S. FDA Food and Beverages Requirements
 Food Facility Registration, U.S. Agent Requirement
 Prior Notice (Sending Food and Beverages to USA)
 Food Canning Establishment and Process Filings
 Label / Ingredient Reviews and Graphic Design
 Food Contact Substances (FCS)
 Food Safety Services
 Detention Assistance
 Receive Food and Beverage Regulatory Updates
Food and Beverages Certificate of U.S. FDA Registration

U.S. FDA Medical Devices Requirements
 Device Establishment Registration and Listings
 Official Correspondent and U.S. Agent
 510(k) Administrative Review and Submission
 Device Product Reviews and Graphic Design
 Medical Device Master Files (MAF)
 Detention Assistance
 Receive Device Regulatory Updates
Medical Devices Certificate of Registration

U.S. FDA Drugs Requirements
 FDA Establishment Registration
 Drug Listings and Label Submissions
 Authorizing Official Requirement
 U.S. Agent Requirement
 Label / Ingredient Reviews and Graphic Design
 Drug Master Files (DMF)
 Detention Assistance
 Receive Drug Regulatory Updates
Drug Certificate of Registration

U.S. FDA Radiation-Emitting Device Requirements
 Device Reporting and Accession Number
 U.S. Agent for Service of Process
 Transition to U.S. FDA Electronic Reporting
 Device Product Reviews and Graphic Design
 Detention Assistance
 Receive Device Regulatory Updates
Radiation-Emitting Device Certificate of Reporting

U.S. FDA and State Cosmetics Requirements
 Cosmetic Establishment Registration
 CPIS Filings
 California Safe Cosmetics Program (CSCP)
 Label / Ingredient Reviews and Graphic Design
 Detention Assistance
 Receive Cosmetics Regulatory Updates
Cosmetics Certificate of Registration

Other U.S. FDA Regulated Products
 Detention Assistance
 U.S. FDA Color Additive Requirements
 Tobacco Product Requirements
 Export Certificates of Free Sale
 Export Certificates to Foreign Governments
U.S. FDA Export Certificate to Foreign Government

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